Human-Centered Design

Your customers are the focus of our human-centric design. We start with an understanding of how a user will interact with and benefit from your product, whether it has an industrial or a consumer focus. Our goal is to make products that let users easily enjoy features and benefits, instead of figuring out how to use it – no matter how technical. It just works. Our design team works alongside our engineering team to create beautiful concepts that are efficient to manufacture, build your brand, and meet all your business needs.

Industrial Design

People are drawn to products that are both useful and attractive. Our industrial designers create inspired products and experiences with purposeful beauty, usability, function, and a sense of cool.

UI / UX Design

We design user interfaces that do more than gather user inputs. Our interfaces are an extension of the physical form of the product, anticipating what the user wants to do and presenting features smoothly and understandably. They are the bridge between your product and your customer’s delight.

Packaging Design

Beautiful products need beautiful introductions. Our creative package designs ignite customers’ desire to use the product and they create a layer of surprise as the customer opens the package. Our creative designers work toward a seamless transition from design concepts through mass production. We can help you with concept development, design renderings, best practices, new production techniques, and material research and development.

Ergonomic / User Research

Products that fit the human body are a joy to use. During the design process, our ergonomic specialists ensure that user inputs and the fit and feel of your product are comfortable, so that it is a product that people want to use.