The smart home entrance that welcomes you

A cool, faceted handle smoothly slides out from the door; a hidden jewel for those with the key – an impenetrable vault for those without. Another component of the Axiom platform is its manifestation in devices that make life easy, while still making an entrance.

Paring back the nonessentials, the lock easily integrates with existing doors & frames, enabling seamless access and access control.

Engineered To Perfection

We design from the inside out and the Smart Entrance enabled us to visualize our philosophy very clearly.  We made the inside just as beautifully engineered as the outside is beautifully designed bringing stability and performance to a new level.  

Smart Integration

Bringing the system together by integrating hardware, software, and the cloud enabled us to design a truly integrated offering for our client. From designing and developing the smart phone application to defining the interaction model and sensor integration within the hardware we didn’t stop there.  Adding and integrating with the cloud services brings the system together and enable remote control and monitoring. Integration across at all three areas enabled us to deliver the right experience for the target end users.