The Inspiration

Designed for a mobile lifestyle, the Audiowear concept provides users with a single wireless audio device that enables them to listen, play, work, and showcase audio in a way that fits their ‘on-the-go’ needs. Designed to provide users with some of the most advanced sound and control technologies, while maintaining the most simplistic, minimalist form, allowing the aesthetic beauty of the product to mask the thoughtful functionality of the device. Delivering the ultimate balance between form, function and beauty.

The Design

The product concept challenged Nytec’s Design team to take a huge step towards fashion-forward technology. When designing Audiowear, the team focused not only on the functional aspects of the product, but also on how the material, related technologies and the fabric interacted with each other. Leveraging the latest trends in textile fabrication and audio technology, while testing and prototyping with multiple design concepts, our design team was able to isolate the right balance between form and functionality.

Audiowear has been designed to connect with popular personal mobile devices like smartphone and tablets via Bluetooth. The unique design allows users to quickly change between Headset and Speaker mode. It is equipped with a custom dynamic-driver speaker which maximizes audio quality by changing frequency in response to the listening mode detected. It also provides active noise cancelling to improve the overall user experience, delivering premium audio quality. Additional features like touch-responsive volume control and wireless charging were also built-in for the ultimate user experience.

Experimenting with different textiles also helped the team deliver a concept that represents the latest trends in fashion, while keeping the innovative functionality smartly hidden. Tweed fabric was selected and used on the exterior, while soft, plush leather was used for the user-contact areas, creating a luxurious feel and experience. Premium metal caps used on the earpieces add a jewelry-like accent while adhering to our minimalist intentions. Audiowear stays on the user’s ears thanks to the balanced tension created by an inner metal piece. This allows a ‘one-size-fits-all’ form factor, driving efficiency throughout the supply chain from manufacturing, to packaging, to merchandising, helping to generate a positive impact to the bottom line.

The Outcome

At Nytec, one of our focuses is on designing and delivering advanced technology that fits the ultimate modern lifestyle. We enable innovation that improves people’s lives. Audiowear is a perfect example of this philosophy, combining the right balance of form and functionality. We are proud to share the news that our Audiowear design concept has won two prestigious international design awards; 2016 Red Dot Design Concept Award, and Spark Design Gold Award.