We are an award-winning, integrated consulting firm with over 40 years of proven success turning groundbreaking ideas into real, first-of-a-kind, lifestyle technology products for tier-one global and Fortune 100 companies. Our world-class designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts specialize in translating complex problems anchored around delivering the ultimate user experience into compelling, simple solutions that span hardware, software and numerous other services.

Our industry-leading Client Services provide customizable talent solutions to satisfy any technical staffing requirements, either onsite, offsite, or project based. We are also able to manage highly complex projects end-to-end at our Product Innovation Center, which is equipped with cutting-edge design and engineering labs. Our unique business model and sophisticated facilities allow our clients to push beyond the boundaries of technology, and creatively solve challenges across design, firmware, electrical and mechanical initiatives to engineer complete solutions.

With offices around the world, our teams work seamlessly with a vast portfolio of trusted manufacturing partners, to ensure every detail is refined, from start-to-finish, creating exceptional design, execution, and quality. Our integrated end-to-end management approach delivers the right product, with the right experience, at the right time.

Our Story

Nytec was founded during the early 1970’s by a group of passionate engineers who gathered on a regular basis in the basement of a Seattle home to work on their own technology projects. This group of friends weren’t concerned about money or fame, rather they simply wanted to create innovative technological solutions that could someday add value to the world around them. With this vision of the future in mind the team moved their work out of the basement and in 1975 formally founded Nytec, Inc.  Around the same time, Microsoft, another Pacific Northwest technology company, was founded and over the next 30 years Nytec engineers worked alongside their Hardware Production teams creating technology products that changed the world forever.

Since then, Nytec has diversified in many ways by adding a Product Innovation Center in 2013, expanding globally with a Manufacturing Management team in China, and by adding new Recruiting and Sourcing offices in India in 2016. Over the past several years, Nytec has created a variety of new products and solutions for global companies, including the innovative work undertaken for Carnival Corporation starting in 2016.

Although a lot has changed since 1975, we remain true to our original vision for the future: constantly striving to bring innovative technology to the world by delivering products and solutions that improve the lives of others.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to inspire innovations that enhance lives around the world.

Our mission is to enable innovation that improves people’s lives through the creation of award-winning products and services.

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