Test-Driven Process

Our expert engineering team blends an intimate knowledge of the latest processes, standards, and frameworks with years of experience designing, testing, and launching hardware, firmware, and sotware applications from a breadth of industries and environments. We have the tools and technical expertise to help you solve the toughest problems, reduce risk, and leverage the very latest technology.

We design products using a test-driven process so that every step of development is verifiable and quality is baked in. And our mechanical, electrical, firmware, and RF engineers work together throughout the development process to ensure that the final product meets your customers’ performance, quality, and cost expectations.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers can tackle tricky assemblies, sophisticated materials, novel manufacturing processes, and complex stress, thermal, vibration, or dynamics concerns – we can help you with your technical hurdles.

Electrical Engineering

From the high power of industrial equipment to the ultra-low power states and power management of the latest IoT devices, we can design efficient, reliable solutions that fit the toughest form factor.

Firmware Engineering

We create the right blend of software and hardware to bring your product to life. Our firmware engineers can integrate all kinds of inputs and interfaces with other systems, so that your product can communicate with the outside world, and provide the experience your customers crave.

RF Engineering / Antenna Design

We can help you add wireless freedom and connectivity, securely, to your products. Our RF engineering team is uniquely self-contained. They develop custom antenna designs, then simulate, analyze, prototype and test them in-house to enable your customers to use your products wherever and whenever they want.

In-House Rapid Prototyping

Our extensive in-house prototyping capabilities help us get essential feedback, find failures, revise, iterate, and bring better products to market faster, while protecting your intellectual property. Our in-house capabilities include CNC, 3D printing, PCB fabrication, EMC testing, and water testing.

Software Engineering

Our software engineers work across all forms of new devices, appliances and online services. We are constantly problem-solving and providing technical expertise as we implement beautiful, highly satisfying user experiences. Our teams work across iOS, Android and Windows, living at the intersection of software and hardware, enabling us to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers.

Hardware and Software Test

We offer a full range of in-house testing services and equipment. This allows us to quickly continually test prototypes as they are developed, creating feedback loops to ensure quick iterations and a quality end-product.